Extension of existing house in Puerto de Andratx

Continuity of style and aesthetic integrity in a large extension.

Size of the house: 500 m2


The house is located in the upper part of La Mola, in a relatively flat zone, in Puerto de Andratx. A small peninsula some 100 m high surrounded by cliffs over the sea, with spectacular views of the port and the abrupt north-facing virgin coast, towards La Dragonera island.
It is an urban zone dominated by spacious plots and large detached single-family dwellings.


It is an ambitious extension project of a house built in the 1980s to increase its surface area from 150 m2 to 500 m2. The extension was due to the owner’s need to increase the number of bedrooms for children and grandchildren, with the requirement that all these rooms have total independence with regard to the main house. The client conveyed their express desire to keep the original 1980s aesthetic and the single identity of the complex’s exterior.


We adapted to the client’s criteria and achieved the aesthetic integrity of the dwelling by maintaining the existing general aesthetic criteria in the main construction and limiting ourselves to developing small details in the extension. Our design of the new body successfully rearranges the layout of the outdoor zones, creating spaces sheltered from the weather oriented towards the views and sunlight. Our intervention in the indoor zones, without the determining factors of the outdoor ones, allows us a more contemporary design where good taste and the quality of the materials chosen with the client stand out.