House in Portals

Adapting to the height of the land by making the most of the outdoor space by uniting views and sunlight.


It is a site with rectangular geometry, located on the mountain side with a very pronounced north-facing slope and privileged sea views, facing the Puerto Portals zone.

It is accessed from the lower part of the site. Due to the slope and the site’s geometry, it is not possible to have a tree-lined approach up to the house itself.

The abundant vegetation, primarily comprising pine trees, stands out both on the site and in the environment.


Our project intended to adapt to the complicated slope of the land and make the most of the site’s surface area.

We decided to locate the house on a part that is high enough, though this involved remedying a certain amount of slope to access the house and enhance the plot’s main asset: to guarantee clear views of the Mediterranean Sea.

We developed the house on two stories, but with an unconventional solution, since it is accessed via the ground floor, where we find all the bedrooms with ensuites and a top floor where the living area was developed.


Locating the living areas on the top floor enabled us, with the creation of a back garden, to totally open up the house to not only the views, but also the mountain and the south, thereby allowing us to adapt to the complicated height of the land and the year-round direct sunlight, and to make the most of the this difficult site’s space.

The height of the living room is screened with glass both towards the garden and the mountain and towards the sea. From the garden and through the living room, there are views of the surrounding tree canopies and the sea.

We achieved a harmonious solution; the living area is flooded with light and, by highlighting the location’s attributes, we naturally connected the mountain with the sea.