House Palma de Mallorca RJ

Adaptación al difícil terreno e integración con la naturaleza


Dwelling located in Palma de Mallorca with direct view of the Bellver Castle forest.

The site has a rectangular geometry and a marked north-facing downwards slope, but is practically flat in its southern zone. The views of the forest and Bellver Castle are also north-facing.

Casa Salom

The site has two approaches, the one in the upper part being only on foot and towards the urban zone of primarily single-family houses with gardens.


Our project, given the location of the dwelling in the upper zone where the slope is more marked, sought to adapt to this complex site and maximise the use of outside areas in the more south-facing orientation throughout the year.

We developed a three-storey dwelling. The main approach to the house is via the upper floor, which is the living area, going down to the lower floor where we located the bedrooms, with the basement allocated to the garage.

The upper floor is the only one visible from the main approach, garden and swimming pool. The dwelling presents as a one-storey building, reducing the visual impact on the environment.

We designed the flat roof and the north- and south-facing glass facades, obtaining a light effect that becomes the framework of the actual landscape, since the forest and the castle can be seen from the garden and swimming pool, through the house.

The located the bedrooms and a den on the middle floor.

We approach via a light metal staircase that accompanies a courtyard that receives light from the south, turning this distribution zone, which is dark since it is at the back of the floor on this complicated hilly terrain, into a pleasant functional space to be used as a den, as can be seen in the images.

The bedrooms open up onto the rustic nature, with absolute privacy with respect to the swimming pool and the outdoor area.

As regards the outside, we committed to simple and precise geometries in combination with natural materials that give the complex an ambience of balance and harmony.

The same outdoor stone paving covers the inside of the dwelling, where open spaces dominate with barely any divisions and white walls multiply the luminosity. The result is a serene space, adapted to the land and totally integrated into nature.