Son Puig Bunyola


This is a project on an urban site in the outskirts of Bunyola, an area of single family dwellings surrounded by a forest environment. Integrated into nature. The site has a rectangular geometry that is characterised by a rather pronounced north-facing slope of approximately 10%, with impressive views of the Tramuntana Sierra that stands nearby, also north-facing. Two of the site’s sides are on the street, facilitating the choice of approach. We decided to situate the dwelling on the highest part in the south zone of the plot to make the most of the views, by opening the building fully towards the north and facing the Tramuntana Sierra, limiting at all times south-facing views where there is another residence relatively nearby. The solution for receiving direct sunlight is a large indoor glass screened courtyard that is surrounded by the dwelling and a large north-facing porch. The approach on the plot is produced from the upper part of the site. To access the entrance of the residence, we go around the side facade of the building, which is built in drystone wall (traditional to the area), upon which the volume of the bedrooms rests. We achieved a building that is perfectly integrated with nature. One is overcome with emotion upon opening the entrance door and finding before us the views of the Tramuntana Sierra through the courtyard framed by the large outdoor porch . We also gave the entrance double height, with a large skylight that floods the space with natural light, illuminating the entire approach zone. We reinforced the integration with the environment by choosing natural materials, predominantly stone and wood. On the ground floor, the living room, dining room and kitchen spaces are visually joined through the glass screened courtyard, increasing the sensation of spaciousness while permitting direct sunlight. The entire north-facing facade is a large window that faces the Tramuntana Sierra.